The individual carton from the roll - exactly according to your ideas

The Varipack packaging solution makes it possible to produce various blanks in succession. The roll material is automatically grooved, slit and cut. In this way, the "carton from the roll" is produced in the required quantity and dimensions. The finished blank is laminated either with foam (e.g. for sensitive surfaces) or with paper. 

The advantages of Varipack are obvious

The production of the packaging is carried out "just in time", i.e. only when it is needed, in terms of the number and dimensions required. This enables you to  

  • maximum flexibility,
  • minimum effort for warehousing, logistics and ordering,
  • reduced packaging costs by automation

Technical data:

  • Standard machine widths: 1.050, 1.400, 2.200 mm 
  • Performance: up to 15 blanks/min (depending on packaging type)  
  • Cut lengths: min. 300 mm, max. 9.999 mm  
  • Indentations / unwind: bis 3 (maximale Materialersparnis)  
  • Storage spaces for packaging: 500

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