Checklist: Getting your shipment ready for the Christmas business

Every year, the Christmas season places high demands on the logistics of online retailers. We will show you what precautions you can take to prevent shipping chaos.

And suddenly the Christmas business is just around the corner again. Avoid yourself and your colleagues a lot of trouble in December by starting the preparations for the Christmas business in time.

You should take these tips into account:

1. Order shipping materials early

You should think early about the type and quantity of shipping materials you need. Orient the order quantity on the previous year and increase it by a further 10 %. So you can be sure that the ordering process will not come to a standstill. Choose a supplier that is flexible and as independent as possible, so that he can help out in the case of possible bottlenecks.

2. Use storage space efficiently

Especially at Christmas time it gets cramped in the shipping warehouse. Therefore you should eliminate unused or superfluous elements in advance. Position all machines and materials in such a way that the ways remain as short as possible and do not cross each other. Get an additional space advantage by using FormPack instead of bubble wrap.

3. Optimize packaging processes

Increase the output of ready-to-ship packages by optimizing packaging processes. For example, use an electronic paper filling system to quickly fill voids. The fewer manual operations required, the higher the throughput.

4. Think green

The year is 2019 - environmental aspects play an enormous role in customer satisfaction. Don't scare your customers away with additional plastic waste in the package. Instead, use environmentally friendly filling materials such as recycled paper.

5. Schedule additional personnel

If, despite an optimisation of the packaging process, you cannot keep up with the number of packages, it is advisable to employ additional personnel. A sufficient number of packing places is of course a prerequisite for this. Please also consider publishing the job advertisements in good time so that the entire application process can be completed in October.

6. Get advice from professionals

Are you unsure or don't want to worry about all these points? No problem - let real professionals advise you:

At Papier Sprick you not only get everything you need for shipping from a single source, but also the know-how to ensure a smooth Christmas business.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry via contact form, e-mail or telephone.

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