Wellpappe U-/L-Profile
Kanten- und Eckschutz

Corrugated Cardboard Angles

Wellpappe U-/L-Profile

Edge protection / Spacers

Reliable and tailor-made protection for sensitive edges, that can be delivered in L-shape or U-shape. Several layers of corrugated paper in combination with paper or foam on the inside give optimal cushioning and ideal surface protection at the same time. Sizes of L-profiles and U-profiles can be determined by the customer.

Applications for edge protection

U-profiles and L-profiles are used for the protection of edges of all kinds, as for example, work tops, doors, sensitive fronts and corners of furniture etc. Because of their high stability U-profiles can also be used for the packaging of sensitive bars, panels or profiles.


Variprotect XL®

Variprotect XL

Variprotect XL® is an innovative system for the environmental-friendly and cost-effective protection of your products which is based on DUO-Pack XL material: a special combination consisting of double corrugated cardboard and PE foam which protects delicate surfaces provides optimum product protection for delicate edges.


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