Wellpappe Kartonagen

Paperboard Containers

Wellpappe Kartonagen

SPRICK has folding cartons (single wall or double wall) made of corrugated cardboard in different dimensions as stock articles. Should your desired dimensions not be available, we will produce the carton or foldable cutout according to  your specified dimensions, also in small units of quantity and reasonably priced.


If you want to want to be on the safe side, we will of course also deliver all dimensions in triple wall quality.  


Also for carton containers in punched construction, SPRICK offers you the best quality at favorable prices.


Solid cardboard containers in the form of stapled nesting cardboard boxes or glued folding boxes rounds off our assortment.


Upon request we will produce samples for you so that you can test your packaging before using it, thus allowing you to determine the optimum solution yourself.


Christian Drauschke


Head of internal sales

E: c.drauschke@papier-sprick.de

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