Variprotect® S/XL
Kanten- und Eckschutz

Variprotect® S/XL

Variprotect® S/XL

Off-the-roll edge protection

Variprotect XL® is an innovative system for the environmental-friendly and cost-effective protection of your products which is based on DUO-Pack XL material: a special combination consisting of double corrugated cardboard and PE foam which protects delicate surfaces provides optimum product protection for delicate edges.

The highlight: Variprotect XL® is an off-the-roll solution which is produced by a small machine at the user’s premises to suit product specifications. This means that the most varied dimensions can also be packaged in batch size 1 using the same roll. Only the quantity of material actually required is used, thus avoiding wastage. This means maximum flexibility and minimum material and logistic costs. The machine and material are supplied by a single provider and are developed and manufactured by us to suit customer specifications.




  • Very strong double-wall (BE-Flute) laminated with PE-Foam
  • Width 160 mm / 130 RM
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