SpeedMan® FleX
Füllen und Polstern

SpeedMan® FleX

SpeedMan® FleX

The newly developed SpeedMan® FleX is a semi-automatic paper filling system with cut-off function.

The SpeedMan® FleX is significantly smaller and faster than other cut-off paper filling systems currently available on the market.

Thanks to its extremely compact design, the SpeedMan® FleX can be advantageously integrated even in very cramped packing stations or in tricky construction situations. The packing process can thus be ergonomically adapted for the individual employee without having to change the packing station situation.

As with all products in the SpeedMan® series, the operation of the SpeedMan® FleX is extremely simple and intuitive. The new automatic cut-off function makes it noticeably easier for the packer to remove the filling paper, which means that the entire packaging process can be accelerated in a health-friendly manner.


SpeedMan® paper in 70g and 90g.

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