SpeedMan BOX®
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SpeedMan BOX®

SpeedMan BOX®

SpeedMan BOX® is a manual void filling paper and paper cushioning solution for small or private consignors with low or irregular shipping needs or a limited filling volume requirement.

The SpeedMan BOX® is the ideal starter solution for environmentally friendly and uncomplicated – but professional – packaging and is suitable for both occasional private package shipping and an irregular professional e-commerce requirement. It is also, for example, the perfect solution for your company mailroom or sample dispatch room – or for mobile service vehicles or courier services (e.g. return dispatch).

The handy paper dispenser box is ready to use without any additional aids.

Simply unpack and tear open, placing it on, under or beside the shelf above the packing station. Then pull out the paper, tear off and fill directly into the carton around the goods to be dispatched. When it comes to cushioning, Papier Sprick packing consultants recommend winding a scroll of paper tube and embedding the product both on and under this cushion. This will ensure that your shipment is safe for dispatch.

Incidentally, you can protect all kinds of goods with the environmentally friendly paper from Papier Sprick - whether small or big, thick, thin or fragile, light or heavy.

Your advantages:

You receive a small paper dispenser box which, due to its limited size, can be stored in every corner and, additionally, is ideal for mobile service use. A SpeedMan® Box contains 1.5 m³ filling volume of paper with which you can pack up to 1000 packages.

No minimum order quantity

Image boost! You will be packaging with void filling material made of 100 % recycled paper - a winner of the Blue Angel award for especially environmentally friendly products.

Upgrade: Should you use more than 3 SpeedMan® boxes a month, it's worth taking a look at the SpeedMan® Classic.

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  • Recycling 70  |  450 RM / reel  |  32 boxes / pallet
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