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PaperJet® is a rapid packaging system for producing robust paper cushioning, designed for larger consignors. It allows you to produce robust paper cushioning directly in the packing station in the carton or as a reserve supply (e.g. as a centralised solution for several workstations). Paper cushioning allows you to ship delicate and fragile goods as safely protected as heavy or sharp-edged packages in transport packaging. In addition to individual length and quantity programming and different operating modes, the PaperJet® provides you with special cutting technology which enables you to achieve incomparable speeds, thus making it a particularly attractive solution for professional consignors with regular shipping needs involving major quantities

A variety of integration options including frame height adjustment, undertable solutions or optional transfer systems for producing paper cushioning enable perfect adaptation of the PaperJet® to your desired packaging process and on-site space conditions.

Your advantages:

Individual pre-production of paper cushioning in different qualities to suit requirements simplifies and accelerates the packaging process in confined spaces.

Papier Sprick also supplies an XXL continuous paper supply with a fold-out feed on a pallet to simplify and reduce loading intervals.

Image boost! You will be packaging with environmentally friendly cushioning material made of 100% recycled paper  - a winner of the Blue Angel award for especially environmentally friendly products.

You will take delivery of a reliable paper cushioning machine and matching paper cushioning from a single provider - guaranteed Made in Germany to the latest certified environmental standards.


single layer

  • Standard 90 ComPackt®                        |  390 RM / stack     |  20 stack / pallet
  • XS 90 ComPackt®                                            |  390 RM / stack     |  20 stack / pallet
  • Standard 90 ComPackt® MAX continous  |  7,600 RM / pallet  |  continous
  • XS 90 ComPackt® MAX continous           |  7,600 RM / pallet  |   continous
  • XS120 ComPackt® MAX continous          |  5,700 RM / pallet  | continous

double layer

  • Standard 70/70  |  280 RM / rolls   |  11 rolls / pallet
  • Standard 90/90  |  220 RM / rolls   |  11 rolls / pallet
  • XS 90/70           |  245 RM / rolls   |  11 rolls / pallet

Equipment and Variant

PaperJet Untertischvariante

PaperJet® under bench

The PaperJet® Under bench optionally has the following configurations:

PaperJet® ComPackt® MAX - pallet frame

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