DUO-Pack Soft
Oberflächenschutz Umverpackung Zwischenlage

DUO-Pack Soft

DUO-Pack Soft

DUO-Pack Soft is an environmentally friendly, one-sided fleece-laminated packaging material that can be delivered in rolls or formats. The inner lamination of cellulose-based paper fleece is extra soft and breathable, so that even particularly sensitive surfaces can be optimally protected.

DUO-Pack Soft thus combines the best properties of different materials. It is light, flexible, hard-wearing and avoids transport damage and complaints due to the double protection of the packaging.

Whether glass, porcelain, wood, metal, furniture or spare parts - DUO-Pack Soft can be used anywhere and is fully recyclable.


  • Rolls and formats in individual dimensions
  • Roll widths: 100–2.400 mm
  • Standard roll length: 140 running metres
  • Fleece-laminated on one side
  • Narrow or individual creasing on request


Econopack WS

Econopack WS

Econopack WS is automatically cutting programmable format lengths from one or several roll widths in desired quantities.

Econopack SR

Econopack SR

The Econopack SR automatically cuts a required number of fixed configuration format lengths off one or more roll widths.

Econopack WSU

Econopack WSU

Underlays parts from running production fully automatically with corrugated rolls


Cutting Systems

Cutting systems with dispensers for use with corrugated rolls.


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